The SMA Compressed Air/Gas Atrium is used for the quantitative collection of microorganisms that may be present in compressed air and gas lines. The design and construction assures that a sterile test instrument is present to evaluate possible viable contaminants.

Compressed Air Samplers
Compressed Air Samplers
Compressed Air Samplers


  • Can be completely sterilized by steam, heat or ETO
  • Constructed of either anodized aluminum, 304 Stainless Steel or 316L Stainless Steel
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • 4 ½” in diameter by 1 ½” in height
  • Compact size allows the sampling device to be located near filling processes where space is limited
  • Reports accurately the air quality near fill areas and reduce false positives from operators
  • Can be easily and aseptically connected to the desired points of sample by use of sterile ¼” PVC tubing
  • Connections are made from the top orifice of the SMA Compressed Air Atrium directly to regulated compressed air/gas locations
  • Has a flow rate of 1 to 2 CFM
  • Tested and validated to achieve a 95% capture efficiency
  • Exhaust air is released from underneath the unit directly to the environment without affecting the sample in progress
  • Uses a 100mm plate with a media fill of 25mL (standard from most suppliers)
  • The 25mL fill allows the user the ability to sample up to 90 cubic feet on one agar plate
  • Air flow regulation can be accomplished either by the installation of a pressure regulator valve at point of sample or by use of the SMA-ROT-SS Rotameter â—¦The SMA-ROT-  SS Rotameter is attached to the compressed air line prior to sampling and flow regulated from the petcock valve of the compressed air/gas line
  • Once flow is regulated the unit is removed and replaced with the SMA-CA Atrium
  • Assures direct testing of air/gas from the compressed air line to the SMA CA Sampler without the intrusion of the metering device

SMA Portable Compressed Air Sampler


  • Adds calibrated flow and timing features to sampling compressed air/gas line
  • Made of mirror-finished 316 Stainless Steel
  • Incorporates a 4 hour continuous operation battery that can be recharged in 45 minutes
  • Simply connecting a compressed air line to the top of the unit can reduce pressure and assure a 1 CFM (28.3LPM) flow rate