Tiger-Vac manufacturers a complete line of industrial vacuum systems for the recovery of metal dust /metal powders.  Our vacuum systems are available in electrically operated or pneumatic (air operated) versions.  We offer several equipment protection levels such as Dust Ignition Protected as well as Explosion Proof / Dust Ignition Proof for use in Hazardous locations (HAZLOC). 

Certain metal dusts may have characteristics that require vacuum systems with safeguards beyond those required for aluminum, magnesium.  Particular attention is needed for the recovery of alloys such as tantalum, titanium and zirconium

For the recovery of metal dust in quantities greater than 5 lbs. (2.2 Kg), Tiger-Vac recommends an immersion (wet mix) separator to neutralize the metal dust.  Our immersion systems comply with NFPA Standard 484 and exceed the NFPA requirements for the recovery of combustible and conductive metal dusts.