The SMA MicroPortable is a rechargeable battery operated microbial air sampler for determining the level of existent viable contaminates in their aseptic manufacturing operations.

Micro Portable Viable Air Samplers
Micro Portable Viable Air Samplers
Micro Portable Viable Air Samplers


  • Designed of 316L mirror-finished Stainless Steel
  • Calibrated air flow
  • Digital readout in cubic feet per minutes or liters
  • 1 CFM (28.3LPM) and/or 5 CFM (141.5LPM) flow rates
  • Dual user preset sampling volumes
  • Utilizes the SMA Atrium top that can be completely sterilized via steam, heat or ETO
  • 10” high by 6” wide
  • 12 pounds
  • 8 hour continuous operation without need for recharging
  • 45 minute recharge time
  • Can operate while recharging
  • Can be located near filling processes or located remotely with the incorporation of the remote sampling probe that be sterilized prior to use
  • Designed to provide a tortuous path that air must travel, which assures a 95% capture efficiency of 0.5 micron particles and larger
  • Integration of a multi-orifice top or remote sampling probe provides the ability to sample for over 120 cubic feet without agar desiccation
  • Uses a media fill level of 25mL (standard from most supplier)
  • Measures either CFM or Liters dependent upon model chosen
  • Preset volumes can be programmed and stored into the memory of the counter from 1 cubic foot or liter to 999,999 cubic feet or liters
  • Recall feature of programmed user preset volumes assures future sampling is done without the need to re-enter sample volumes