For the application of disinfecting agents in controlled areas.

The CORE2CLEAN Plus Systems were designed to address the application of cleaning and disinfecting agents to the surface in a meaningful and manageable methodology. The CORE2CLEAN Plus Systems have been specifically designed for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare facilities in their controlled environments.

For years, the use of a conventional bucket and a mop or pad has been used to provide application of the cemical agent to the surfaces in controlled areas. In addition to mops/pad and buckets, facilities also incorporated a sprayer and a fogger within their cleaning and disinfecting operations. The CORE2CLEAN Plus Systems eliminate the need for a multitude of components and incorporate them within one device.

Core2Clean Disinfecting Systems
Core2Clean Disinfecting Systems
Core2Clean Disinfecting Systems

  • The CORE2CLEAN Plus Systems are made of 304-316 stainless steel and can be steam sterilized to eliminate the concerns for introduction of viable contamination to the controlled environment from the components themselves.
  • The CORE2CLEAN Plus Systems are compressed air operated (ASME rated to 100psi). This provides the ability to dispense a continuous flow of a clean solution to the surface. Continuously providing a clean solution to the surface reduces cleaning time and user effort.
  • The CORE2CLEAN Plus Sytems eliminate the concerns for changing of dirtied cleaning solution. This eliminates the need to discard the dirtied solutions and reduces the volume of cleaning agents required to address one’s surfaces annually.
  • The CORE2CLEAN Plus Systems incorporate a trigger activated dispensing mop, a sprayer and a fogger all in one unit.
  • The CORE2CLEAN Plus Systems present a sufficient wetting of the surface unavailable rom other mopping sytems. Increasing the time period the surface remains wet is essential to assuring efficacy performance of disinfecting agents.
  • The CORE2CLEAN Plus Systems can reduce cleaning time by 50% and is easily moved from area to area by a 4-wheel caster dolly that can be removed and cleaned.
  • The CORE2CLEAN Plus Systems utilize quick disconnects to attach the mop, sprayer and fogger. The CORE2CLEAN Plus Systems are user friendly and simplify cleaning and disinfecting procedures.
  • CORE2CLEAN Plus Systems are ASME rated and CE marked.
  • The CORE2CLEAN Plus System incorporate spray, mop and fog capabilities all in one unit. The key elements of the systems are the capability to present a sufficient amount of liquid to the surface and the capability of reducing cleaning time by nearly 50%.
  • With this in mind, the CORE2CLEAN Plus Sytems provide a simple mechanism to assure cleaning and disinfection is done in an effective and efficient manner.