CR-1 Dry Recovery:
CR-1 Dry Recovery

Available with a polyethylene or stainless steel recovery tank. This unit is equipped with a true ULPA Filter (U15) located
downstream of the motor. This unit is equipped with a 3-stage filtration system consisting of an ULPA Filter (U15), Main Cloth
Filter and Disposable Filter Bag. This unit is cleanroom compatible and can be used in the pharmaceutical industry.

This unit has been designed for general cleanup in contamination controlled environments. This is a dry recovery only vacuum cleaner. All of our HEPA/ULPA vacuum cleaners are DOP Leak Tested before leaving our facility.

  • Lightweight, non metal construction.
  • Tool Kit and accessories included.
  • High performance, low cost.
  • For dry recovery only.
  • Declaration of conformity.

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